Because This Is A Dream

Hello! My name is Alice Liddell and I am an outsider in place called Wonderland. The people who inhabitants the land are known as role holders and faceless. But Only those who have a face are considered role holders. Wonderland is also at war with itself and because of that everyone here is armed with a weapon and isn't afraid to kill or be killed. What can a girl do in a place like this?

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I am a independent and Multi-shipping RP Blog.

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What Alice deals with first thing in the morning.

▫ Julius looks hot! ▫ And she gets to see this every morning? ▫ Awesome! ▫ XD ▫ submission 
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    "Yes. Much." He kissed her cheek.
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    "Now you feel better?" She asked, while grabbing one of the pillows to rest her head against.
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